Jason - President

Jason has a strong background in software development.  He has been a private consultant for over seven years—leaving a trail of satisfied customers in his wake.  Prior to this, he played a major role in developing a wide variety of applications for the Windows and PalmOS platforms at Chapura, Inc.  Currently, he is the owner and systems consultant at Eggplant Systems and Design.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of South Alabama, and has over ten years of experience in software development, database administration, web design, and computer networking.

When he is not working, Jason devotes his time to books, classical music, foreign television, and food.

Jill - Chief of Quality Assurance

Jill, a lifetime straight-A student, went to the University of South Alabama on a full scholarship and obtained a degree in history.  She also holds a master’s degree in Information Science from Florida State University.  While working towards this degree, she handled the payroll for the Mobile Police Department.

Through independent study, school-work, and odd-jobs, Jill has become a highly competent practitioner of all the latest web methodologies.  We shall mercifully spare you the litany of web language initials.  However, her expertise goes way beyond mere technicalities.  She spends most of her days on the internet.  Over time, she has become an incisive critic of web interfaces.  This is what makes her an excellent Chief of Quality Assurance—she lives the job!

In her leisure hours, Jill occupies herself with reading, collecting stuffed animals (500+ and counting), and writing amateur fiction.

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