This site provides useful information for people just installing their first home system or setting up a small home network. In most business settings, computer support personnel ensure the security of the company computers & networks. In a home setting, however, this is usually not the case--you must be able to protect yourself. There are a variety of everyday security risks that computer users should know how to combat. This site is dedicated to helping you learn how to fight spyware, viruses, worms, and all their evil friends.

If looking for a particular piece of information, jump to it from the dropdown menus at the top. Or, start with Part 1 and work your way down for a full tutorial:

Part 1: Learn the Terms: Find definitions for all those pesky problems your computer may be having. You will also learn what's what among the security forces.

Part 2: Threats to Your System: Get detailed explanations of all the potential "terrorists" lurking in cyberspace waiting to attack your computer.

Part 3: Protective Measures: Learn about what you can do to protect yourself from attack.

Part 4: Protecting Your Home Network: Learn about some of the special security risks that come with a network and find out how to protect yourself.

Part 5: Security Checklist: Here's a handy way to be sure you've done all you can to protect your computer from attack.

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