When I started using GNU CLISP, I had the darndest time finding out what the per-user config file should be named.

GNU CLISP runs ~/.clisprc.lisp on startup, so you can put defaults, quicklisp, etc. in that file.

GNU CLISP also attempts to open a webpage to the right page in the common lisp hyperspec when you double-tab after a built-in keyword.  On most distros, this does not work out-of-the-box because the CUSTOM:*BROWSERS* list is incomplete, and the CUSTOM:*BROWSER* value is not set.

To fix this, add the following to your ~/.clisprc.lisp file (NOTE: I use chromium, but you can substitute the path of your favorite browser):

   (:CHROMIUM "/usr/bin/chromium" "~a")))
(setf CUSTOM:CLHS-ROOT "http://www.ai.mit.edu/projects/iiip/doc/CommonLISP/HyperSpec/FrontMatter/")

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