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Gearman and PHP for Web Applications

by Jason Stewart
Typically, server-side scripts that run under a web server have a time-to-live (TTL). When the TTL is exceeded, the script is force-terminated. This is done for the sake of responsiveness and security. Sometimes, you need to start a long-running job in response to a web request. How do we do that without exceeding our TTL? […]

Absolute Best Vim Tips

by Jason Stewart
Escape Key Substitutes Clipboard Editing HTML Unlocking Whitespace Conversion Bash makeand Makefiles Plugins Cheat Sheet Vim Escape Key Substitutes Constantly reaching for the Esc key is very uncomfortable on a typical 101-key desktop PC keyboard. Having an Esc alternative vastly improves the Vim experience for most desktop users. Any of the following key combinations will […]